The Glass family musicians, or not. :o)

Yesterday my husband and I enjoyed a beautiful concert by the Woodenville band at Redmond High School auditorium.  The music was as good or better than any professional group we have ever heard.  The band has grown since we first started listening to their concerts,  They also have an excellent director.  They also had a piano and a harp.  The music was meant to tell stories in America’s history, and was done so well, it did.  It also provoked many memories.
Many years ago when Jim Sr. was serving National Mission Churches and we were about as poor financially as the proverbial church mice we had five young children.  And as each one reached fifth grade they were encouraged by their school and peers to join the band.  Our daughter was first and decided on a clarinet.  The band director helped us find a nice Noblee.  I told her as I told the others that if we procured and instrument, they would need to practice and really take it seriously for at least one year.  At that time if they really didn’t like it, they could quit.  Deb stayed with it three years, but then got a poor teacher and gave it up.
The next one was Jim Jr. and he wanted a Saxaphone.  When I saw the prices I was terrified and tried to get him to look at other instruments.  But he wanted that Sax.  Well I gave in and we bought him a Sax.  He stayed with it, met his future wife in band, and they both have gone back to it in middle age with a vengence.  They have learned each other’s instruments, have taken lessons, have been in and started groups.  It is a glorious passion with them.  They even built a music studio in their home.
The next son ,Peter, took piano lessons and studied guitar.  He later studied to be a Luthier and can build and repair guitars for friends and sometimes for stores. Next came Mike who chose the Baritone and the school loaned him an instrument until he knew if he wanted to take it further.  He did his year or two, but it wasn’t his thing.  By then computers were new and that was his instrument of choice which led to his life long career with Compac and then Microsoft.
The last one, Andy, didn’t do much with music.  He played some guitar and he had a few piano lessons.  He also took to computers in a big way.
I have sung in choirs all my life and still do.  My husband can’t carry a tune, a condition inherited from his mother. So he is really into listening to the old country music.
This is how it all started for us.  Jim and Suzy really are into their music and this band is fantastic.  The next concert is September 4th at the same place and we will get to hear them again.  More people need to know how good this band is and plan to attend.  It usually starts ar 2 pm.  hope to see you there.

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3 Responses to The Glass family musicians, or not. :o)

  1. JaAG says:

    Thanks Mom. The Woodinville Community Band Fall concert is Saturday, 4 September at 3 PM in the Redmond HS Performance Center. The Microsoft Jazz Band featuring Darren Motamedy is Thursday, 8 July at 8 PM at Big Daddy\’s in Woodinville. The Professor Gadget Sax Quartet\’s next gig is at Ballard Locks on Sunday, 5 Sept, from 2-4 PM.

  2. Deb says:

    Nice. I didn\’t know about Mike and Andy\’s choices. You did good, Mom:-)

  3. Gandalfe says:

    You made the jump to WordPress. Congrats. We should talk about some of the shortcuts to tracking and managing this blog here. Cheers.

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