Cats and Quilts go together.

I have belonged to a group on line called "catsnquilts" for people who like cats and quilts obviously. for over 12 years.  It is a fun group of women from all over the world.  Most of our daily messages are on topic but once in a while someone needs her friends and we speak to her concern with encouragement.  This group has special quilt block exchanges as it suits them.  I am making a cat quilt for our king sized bed from some 6 1/2" squares of cat fabric from an exchange, plus some of my own fabric.
For this group I run two activities.  One is a birthday Fat Quarter project where those who want to participate sign up on our data sheet and I divide them up into teams of ten to twelve people.  Then when each one has a birthday, the others on their team send them a birthday card and a fat quarter of fabric.  Tonight I prepared three  to send out.  I’m a little behind because of the medical issues at hand.  But they even like that as it spreads their BD out further.  We think that when you reach a certain age you should have a BD month, or at least two weeks 0f celebrations.
The other is called Secret Santa.  Again those who want to participate sign up.  Then I cut out all the names, fold them up, mix them up, and then draw one by one and put them on the list I have printed.  Then I write to each one telling them to whom they will be secret santa.  This happens in October and November.  Then each person prepares a box with one or two fat quarters, a quilty thing or two, something for that person’s cats.  Sometimes the SS will make some things which is nice, like balls or socks or pillows stuffed with catnip or a pot holder.  They are asked not to send too much so others might feel bad.  When the time comes, some open theirs too early, but most wait.  It is up to them.  But they must write on our site and tell about what they received so we all can enjoy it all.
There are lots of quilt sites and cat sites out there, but one is enough for me.  I really enjoy this group and their posts.  I do belong to Quilters club of America. It’s a paid membership, but as one of the first to join I get a good rate. It includes some free patterns, and 3 or 4 issues of a magazine called "Quick Quilts"
Other than church and association of our homeowners from which I resigned Jan. 1 after 12 years of being Secretary, this is the extent of my organization activity.  I have noticed that some of you enjoy quilting too.  Also cats I’ll bet.

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Retired and luvin' it.
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2 Responses to Cats and Quilts go together.

  1. JaAG says:

    And choir too, don\’t forget about choir. :o)

  2. Beth says:

    Nice post Bertie. I don\’t quilt but I admire the ones who do. I don\’t have a cat either but I like them. Your group sounds like lots of fun.

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