A bad dream but a good memory.

I had a dream about Rattlesnakes last night and jim woke me saying I was screaming.  I remember the dream vividly.  Jim has never understood why I don’t like snakes.  I usually have good dreams but it must have been triggered by the Crankshaft  funny paper that for several days we watched him in his garden as the rattler got closer.  A little dog tried to warn him but he told the dog to quit barking.  Finally when the snake attacked the little dog jumped up and took the bite for him.  He rushed the little dog to the vet and now it will be okay.
When I was a child we walked a couple of blocks through fields of wild oats on a path or along the same field on the dirt road.  We were warned that if we ever heard a rattle we were to freeze and not move.  I remember wondering what the rattle would sound like. 
Every spring Dad would do a controlled fire around our home that stood alone in those fields to protect it from fire.  Snakes always came out and he would kill them.  We were taught not to go near a rattler even if his head had been cut off because it could still bite for a while.
One time Mom found a baby rattler in front of her walk in closet and she phoned my Dad to come home from the school where he was Principal.  He did.
Now when I think about it they never said anything about all of us kids playing hide and seek in those wild oats, or running after a jack rabbit through grass and cactus. We never feared any thing when we played.  Life was good to kids in those days.  We were close enough to the ocean to hear it and smell the salt air.  We had a huge Pepper tree with a tire hanging down to swing on it.  And we climbed it.  We had a Cocker Spaniel for a while but he kept running away and taking part of the fence with him.  When we walked to our grocery store we would gaze in a large glass cabinet filled with penny candies  to pick  from, or at Christmas to pick the Christmas tree which would be delivered.  There was home delivery in those days.  So these are happy memories for me.

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Retired and luvin' it.
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2 Responses to A bad dream but a good memory.

  1. Beth says:

    Oh, Bertie, I have those kinds of happy memories, playing softball in the street, barefoot and tanned. I hate rattlesnakes too!I hope you and Jim have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Rambling says:

    I remember those glass cases. 🙂

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