Joy of the moment.

Today my husband had an echocardiogram.  The results were that the part of the heart that sets the pace isn’t working right.  We’ll see a good Cardiologist on Wednesday so will know more then.  Part of his discouragement is having a hard time finding anything to eat with the milk intolerance, and now possibly yogurt too.  And he just doesn’t feel well.  He has lost 24 lbs.  He goes to bed at 5:30 each day.
So in light of all this, I am sitting here thinking of things that make me happy.
First it would be my family, immediate and those scattered around the country that I also hold dear.  I am greatful for each and every one of them.  And next of course would be friends.
Next I think of our three kitties and grand cats and dogs.  i also enjoy animals  and birds.  We can’t feed birds any more because our condo association won’t allow it to avoid attracting river rats as we are next to a river.  I enjoy emails that include pictures of lots of animals doing cute or unusual things.
I love the ocean and the beaches along side.  I get such a happy feeling breathing in Salt air and listening to the roar of waves.  Sometimes I try to picture myself there when I have trouble falling asleep.  In my next life, I’d like to live beside the ocean  so i can enjoy it all of the time. This is a big smile of contentment.
I love colors especially blue.  I don’t care much for the drabs, but really enjoy the pure colors and shades.
I like pictures of beautiful places too.
I love books and the joy in reading both to learn and also to kind of feel other experiences, I guess.  My favorites are mystery and british mysteries. 
Music is also high on the list for feeling pleasure.  This includes listening or participating by singing.  I’ll never forget the time one of my teenage sons were playing instruments in the living room and they asked me to sing.  Later that son told me his friends thought I had such a nice voice.  That made me feel so good.
Well these are the main things that bring joy and pleasure to my life.  It is fun to reflect on these once in a while, especially when experiencing some of life’s situations where you want to get through the difficulty whole and in tact.  I wonder what you all like also.

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Retired and luvin' it.
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4 Responses to Joy of the moment.

  1. JaAG says:

    And you bring joy into our lives mom.

  2. JoAnn says:

    Prayers for you and your hubby, Bertie! I know the good Lord is watching over both of you. Those are all wonderful things you mentioned – it just makes life complete, doesn\’t it? Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend.

  3. Beth says:

    Dear Bertie, I pray that your husband gets the help that he needs and that you both will be safe in His care. This is a beautiful post, it just made me feel good inside. You and I have a lot of things in common, one of them being reading and another our favorite color being blue. Prayers for you both!Hugs,Beth

  4. mary says:

    Dear BertieI pray for you both at this time, and that Jim gets help from the next Dr.I enjoy you posts. You write so well.Thank you for sharing.Your neighborMary

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