Ah the world of young people today

I often wonder if I am alone in not appreciating the messy side of style, hairdos, etc, 
No amount of stylishness would make me subject my feet to those 6" heels women wear.  Then the women started wearing what we, in our days, considered underwear on the outside.  Now girls and women also wear clothes that give their bodies weird shapes, and often look like they slept in them.  And their hairdos ar usually uncomed with crooked parts.
I saw a popular young hollywood star come out on stage who was a nice looking young man, but his hair which was a nice length looked like someone had deliberately messed it up.
In our church a young man who is paid to lead our young people, and does a good job, gave a sermon last summer.  Even his mother was there.  He stood up in shorts with holes in them like teens have in their jeans, and a shirt which looked like it had just come out of the dryer and was wrinkled all over.  And we older folks just have to get used to it ’cause that’s the way it is today.
I remember as a teen ager thinking that when I get old I would never complain about the youth being different from what we were in our day.  It’s a given that music is a problem.  The loud noise that goes for music, hurts the ears of us elders.  Besides that they like monotonus sounds over and over and over again.  And the lyrics don’t say anything.  Alas.  Now I am feeling like our seniors must have but I don’t comment to any of them.  I just don’t understand why things have gone this far.  As for fashion and high heels which have to hurt, I wonder why women and girls let men, often in Europe, dictate what will be their fashions.
So I keep thinking for topics for this blog to give it variety.  Am I alone in what goes for okay today?  At least none of this hurts anyone, which is part of the criteria for what’s okay, in my mind.

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One Response to Ah the world of young people today

  1. Beth says:

    A very good post Bertie. Yes, the messed up hair on the guys is the style right now. I thought it would be gone by now but it has been a fad for several years now. I will admit it looks kind of cool on some of the better looking actors. :o)

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