A New Experience

This morning I took Jim to church to run the sound system for Vacation Bible School.  The church had no air cooling.  Today our area hit 104 and Olympia got 106.  It is the hottest Seattle area ever got in 118 years of records.  And last night had the highest low, in the 90’s.  So all the teachers and kids were trying to make the best of it.  I had to smile at their ingenuity.  There was one room set aside with cold drinks and snacks that teachers or children could go in any time they felt need of it.  Drinks including bottles of water were on ice but it did all melt before the morning was over.  Their recreation was two teams who had some large sponges that they would soak and throw at each other.  I don’t know what the rules of the game were, but it must have helped to cool everyone off.
Outside on the other side of the church between two buildings, there were two large hoses raised up on posts, with large hoses attached to create huge mists and the kids could go and stand in it whenever they felt like it.  And they did.
There were no lights on in any of the rooms.  And all the doors were open, except mine.  (I was working at setting up a library system that would be useful.) I thought closing my door helped a little.
People were setting up snacks and drinks for the kids in a large fellowship hall, now called a youth room, in the dark, and it was dark.  Everyone seemed to survive but I was glad to get home afterward.
I had a long list of things I was going to do while Jim was at church this week.  They were errands that have accumulated as we took one day at a time with all the medical appointments.  It worked for two days!! :o)  I am so glad we have our heat pump.  The TV advertizes places people can go during the day to stay cool.  Only 13% of the residents in Seattle have A/C.  Every store sold out every thing they had in the way of fans and coolers.
Well tomorrow is another day and some day it will probably cool down, though not in the forseeable future.

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3 Responses to A New Experience

  1. Beth says:

    I am so sorry that you are all suffering with this terrible heat. This has been an extremely mild summer for us so far with only a few days in the 90s last month and not one day in the 90s this month. I hope it cools off soon for you all.

  2. JaAG says:

    Finally a decent day (Friday, 31 July) with highs only to the 80s. Sweet!

  3. Deb says:

    Heard you would have 80s today. Better.

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