Take charge of your own health issues.

Two weeks ago my DH woke me say9ing he had terrible pain in his chest and couldn’t breathe.  I called 911 and two ambulances came with 5 paramedics.They did an ecg right there in our bedroom and found he had atriole fibrilation.  We went to the hospital where they assigned him a hospital cardiologist.  He was not a good one.  We initially saw him in the ER.  He admitted him and we spent two days in the hospital.  They decided that the pain was from his hiatal hernia and acid reflux.  But they they couldn’t figure out why the heart problem.  That doctor failed to leave permission for Jim to eat  and the nurses couldn’t find him so Jim had nothing to eat for 26 hours.  Well that’s only part of the story but needless to say we will not ever go back to that hospital. 
So we saw this doc one more time for about four minutes and he made a bunch of med changes.  Well we had read that you should not mix asperin and Ibuprofen.  He screwed up his regular meds and added two prescriptions.  He also wanted us to call and schedule an ultra sound, but by this time we were really concerned.  so we didn’t do any of that.  Our MD was off last week so hey got us in today.  I handed her the prescriptions and she was shocked.  She said one of them would have been the worst thing for his acidic stomach.
She had an ecg done there and his heart was still eratic.  She arranged for more tests and I had already made an appointment with the Cardiologist that she had referred me t a fgew years ago and he was good.  Jim is to go on Cumadin or warferin, but it has to be managed.  so tomorrow, after he does the sound system for vacation church school, we have an appointment to see the people who specialize in that part of medicine.  And she had more blood tests done and has ordered an angiogram.  So the next few weeks we will be busy with the medical stuff.
The good news is mine.  The CPAP has really helped me get over much of the fatigue.  So I feel better most of the time.
The point of all this is that this is just one more instance where you have to have some knowledge of health issues, and if something doesn’t seem right, follow your instincts or get another opinion.  We both thought5 we should not follow that doctor’s orders and we are so glad we didn’t.   

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4 Responses to Take charge of your own health issues.

  1. Beth says:

    Excellent post Bertie. I hope that everything gets straightened around for your husband.

  2. JoAnn says:

    Bertie, sorry to hear about your husband\’s ordeal and glad to hear his regular doctor was able to see him. Warm thoughts and prayers for your both.

  3. Rambling says:

    I am sorry that your husband had to go through all of that and it compounded by incompetency.

  4. Deb says:

    So what were his results Thursday, Mom?

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