Pet Sitter Extroardinaire!

It’s another beautiful day in my Eden.  Sunday worship with choir was followed by an adult study using the movie, Rudi, as the springboard for determining when following your dream should be done and when not.  Now we want to see the movie, but DH wants to wait until our son and wife return from their cruise to see if they have it so he can borrow and save $3.  We then went to JJ’s Irish Pub for lunch.  Nice.  And then the mariners beat Minnesota making it two out of three.  I slept through part of it.
Later in the afternoon I went to feed the grand cats, scoop their litter, and water plants.  (no rain)  The first day Theo and Darhma came out.  Theo was very friendly but Darhma would sniff my hand but not let me pet her.  The second day only Theo came out and purred and rubbed up against me so he got a bunch of petting.  I went upstairs and saw Macie but she ran to hide.  Day 3 both Theo and Macie came out but Macie is still very skittish.  No sign of Darhma.  Day 4 two Bengals but no Darhma.  This time I looked all over but couldn’t find Darhma’s hiding place.  Theo loves attention.  I kept wondering why Suzy only put out 14 1/2 days worth of food when I needed 15 days.  Today I looked in the pantry and found some more and set one out so I know I don’t need to buy more.  So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Some of the workmen worked Saturday also hammering on the roof.  The funny thing is that we can’t see enough progress so we wonder what’s going on.  Oh well.  We are lucky to be getting our home repaired to what it should have been when we bought it.  Well another day is nearly over.  I love the old hymn, "Day is dying in the west, Heaven is touching earth with rest. Wait and worship while the night, Sets her evening lamps alight, through all the sky" Have a great time, my traveling family.  Hugs!

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One Response to Pet Sitter Extroardinaire!

  1. JaAG says:

    Thanks for the update. We couldn\’t get to this site for two days even though I saw on my home page that you had posted it. Poor kitties. Did Dad try the trick of calling "kitty, kitty, kitty" with the cat toy? BTW, we don\’t have the movie Rudy.

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