Ah Saturday!

Saturday night already!  Time flies when you are having fun or are growing older.  Remember how they said children always brag about their age. Adults try to pretend they are youner.  Then people don’t want to tell their age.  But when you get to the autumn of your life you start bragging that you got this far. Well next week I turn 78 and I’m glad of it ’cause I’m still here.  My Dad in his later years said he read the obituaries every day to be sure his name wasn’t there.
Today we went out to breakfast at our favorite place.  We missed our son and DIL that we usually have breakfast with on Saturday morning, who with our daughter are cruising Scandinavia and St. Petersberg.  I go over to their house to feed our three grand cats and scoop their litter box.  I also water some planter boxes.  Our temps are back to perfect again.  Highs are in the low to mid 70’s and lows in the mid 50’s.
Tonight I have two chores left before going to bed.  I have to fix my meds for the next two weeks,  Then I have to shower and wash my hair and style it for Sunday.  I’ve already fed our three cats.  I’ve been listening to Pandora, the best and legally free music station on the computer.  If you don’t know about it, look it up because it is truly wonderful.  It plays your favorite songs on your own private station.  When you start you type in the name of a favorite vocalist or other musician.  It plays that person and others like him or her.  You click on thumbs up, I like it, or thumbs down I don’t like it.  As time goes on you get an accumu;lation of music you like.  Check it out.  Well enough for now.  Hve a great weekend and enjoy.

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One Response to Ah Saturday!

  1. Deb says:

    I just read this out loud to Deb and Suzy. Thanks for being there for the kitties. Are they coming out of hiding yet? Cheers from Sweden; we just docked at Stockholm and have a two hour tour in about a half hour.

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