Susan Boyle

What a marvelous voice Susan has.  I was eager to hear more.  I don’t watch the program but got it on my computer.  Her voice brought tears to my eyes.  I hoped so much that this was just the beginning.  She should have won.  But considering the life she lived up until "Brittons got talent", living in a very small town, caring for her sick mom until she died, and probably not had a great education, it is understandable that the strain got to her.  I don’t know how it could have been handled differently.  And I don’t know if she can handle all of the pressures of celebrity.  Even many of the rich and famous in the US, can’t stand up to the pressures of the press, the second guessing of what she is doing or not doing at any given minute, and trying to make news even when there isn’t any.  This is sooo sad.  We may be denied one of the best voices ever, because the world can’t just let her be Susan.
I am hoping that when she gets better, she will get to sing for the queen.  If she ever gets to the place where she can make an album, she’d be set for life financially, and those of us who want to hear her would be so happy to own it.  Well I wish her well, and hope this isn’t the end for all of us who care.  God’s speed Susan. 

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2 Responses to Susan Boyle

  1. JaAG says:

    So you didn\’t hear the second song which was terrible. And still they let her stay because the masses wanted that perfect movie ending. I think Susan had an experience beyond her wildest dreams and will be happy to slide back into obscurity, drink a beer at the pub, and curse with abandon. And all minus the publicity. :o)

  2. Bertie says:

    Her second song was beautiful also.She stumbled slightly at the beginning but the rest was wonderful. She\’s on my facebook so I got to hear them all. Even the judges said it was very good after a slight stumble at the beginning.

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