Asi es la vida.

Our pastor’s daughter is working in an orphanage in Ethiopia for awhile since graduating from college.  Her Mom. a college professor went over to visit her daughter during Spring Break.  They met in  Cairo and did a bit of shopping and looking around.  A native man came up to them and offered 150 camels for her daughter in marriage.  We all got a laugh out of that one.  Things are really different in other parts of the world.
I haven’t written for awhile because I always feel too tired and am not sure what would be of interest to others.  I am working at organizng our church library.  I want to put religious fiction together, bible studies together, self helps together etc.  There are so many books but are worthless unless they are put in some order so people can find what they are looking for.  I know some elderly people who like to read but are dependent on grown children to bring them things to read.  They come to church with their walkers on Sundays and could select something of interest there.  It’s a massive job but "little by little" may get the job done.
I am still so terribly tired.  My primary doctor is going to change my perscriptions a bit so I hope that may help.  I’m going to give up on the other doctors.  The last one finally offered me "speed" pills.  Fortunately I asked my MD whom we totally trust and she told me what the pills were.
I just finished reading Nora Roberts’ trilegy of the garden series.  There was "Blue Dalia", "Black Rose", and Red Lily.  I hadn’t read her because I thought her genre was romance, but some are cast as novels and this was very satisfying because people were doing and saying the right things to help one another.  These were delightful books.  I often think when I finish a really good book that I don’t want it to end.  So with these trilegies I get two more books with the same charactors and I don’t have to wait a year inbetween.

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