Who’d have thought it.

A week ago Friday, our 2005 Prius which had been so wonderful with all its plus features broke down.  We were going out to a late breakfast and made a stop on the way for DH to talk to someone.  When he returned I tried to start it and it would not start.  Instead, all of its many warning lights went on at the same time.  We had to wait over 45 minutes for a tow truck.  At the dealership where we bought it, we’ll call him Jordan,  promised to find the the problem and phone us that afternoon.
We were issued  issued a loaner car, and we finally got breakfast at lunchtime.
That afternoon Jordan called to say the car was fixed.  It had a dead auxillary battery which they replaced.  He said it was caused by not driving it enough.  For the time we’d had it we only averaged 270 miles a month.  He said maybe we should consider getting an older used auto that didn’t have all the computer systems.  We said "no way".  We liked what we had.  So DH asked about putting a pigtail on so it could be given extra charge in our garage.  They talked about that and Jordan said he’d check prices and call us the next morning which was Saturday.  Well the next morning came and we did not get that phone call.  So early afternoon, DH called in to talk to Jordan.  There were hmms and haws and finally we were told Jordan wasn’t there.  So we waited until Monday and called again.  Still no Jordan, but after some checking they said our car was finished and we could come and get it.  So we did.
When we arrived they were asking for nearly $500 even though we had bought the warrantee package and it was a certified used car which gave ten years warrantee.  DH was furious and I was feeling awful for fear DH would have a stroke, he was so angry.  He asked to speak to the top manager or next to the top.  So this really nice man came out and listened.  Then he told us (you won’t believe this but it’s true) Jordan had had a serious heart attack late Friday and had to have surgery.  Another person had been given the assignment to cover Jordan’s work, but our car had slipped through and was on the lot waiting for us.  Then he checked and they had lost the part that verified our  warrantee.  So he called national headquarters and they confirmed that we had it.  He asked us to wait a few minutes while he made another call.
This time when he came out he said they had dropped the cost of the new battery so our bill was only about $150 which included the $99 towing charge which we should be able to get refunded from our AAA.  So DH was pacified, and his ranting paid off.  But after we got home, he went on the net and learned that problems with this battery was a known problem and had been recalled with no charge. 
Well we have our car, we love it and we’ll talk to a son who will visit next week who knows cars inside and out.  Each family member seems to have a different area of expertize so we all turn to whichever one is needed for advice.  We’ll see what he thinks about the pigtail.

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3 Responses to Who’d have thought it.

  1. JaAG says:

    I\’m not impressed with that dealership… at all.

  2. Beth says:

    Ouch!!  I hate it when something happens to my car.  I\’m glad you got everything straightened out.

  3. JoAnn says:

    Glad ya got your car fixed!  Somebody definitely dropped the ball here!  Hugs

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