A funny story

I am safe in writing this as my dear husband never reads my blog.  Almost eleven years ago he was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf in both ears in a lot of areas.  We bought good hearing aids for the time that would hide in the ear and not be seen as he was working with a lot of younger men and didn’t want anything to suggest his age.  He didn’t like them and quit wearing them.  Subsequently he retired, and as the years went by he got much worse.  He would tell me I was mumbling, and ask everyone to repeat and repeat and repeat.  I kept begging him to wear them and he said he could hear fine, it was the rest of us that were off.
Well he finaloly decided he needed to get  them going again as maybe he was having to ask people to repeat too much.  So yesterday we went in and he was retested, and of course it was worse.  She said that if you wear them your body adjusts to them but if you don’t your hearing gets worse.  So she reworked with them and we headed home.  And the fun began.
"What’s that clicking sound?"  Ans: It’s the turn signals.  "But it’s so loud."  At the play last night, "What’s that noise?"  Ans: It’s supposed to be the old fashioned typewriter.  "I hear my own voice."  ans.  Yes, she told you that would happen.  "How come the security aslarm is so loud?"  Didn’t you hear it before? "no."  And so on.  It is fun to watch hime discover the things he’d missed when he thougtht he heard fine.

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3 Responses to A funny story

  1. Rambling says:

    Bertie, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog.  And too, this reminds me of my father.  He would never use a hearing aid and we all of so wished he would.  All of us mumbled and he reminded us smartly to "speak up".  I hope there are more "discoveries" that you will feel led to share. They are very dear to read.  God Bless.

  2. Beth says:

    A great post Bertie,  I love reading about your family life.  Thank you for sharing.

  3. JaAG says:

    We could have moved our mouths like we were talking to each other and made no noise sooner. That really worked well this time.  ;o)

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