An update on life and hope

Well the fiber 35 diet did not work.  For two weeks we counted fiber, and calories, and followed instructions.  We both gained-me 3 lbs, dh 5lbs.  So we went back to our old very good diet and kept some of the added fiber and we are back to square one.  However……
I did make a decision and followed through with it today after weeks of pondering, so once again I am hopeful.  I have CSF also known as Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome.  I have had it for years but it got worse 3 or 4 years ago when my MD cut my thyroid medication in half.  I didn’t associate these two until I bought a book by a prominent MD who specializes in this.  Then a friend who is a nurse had a few suggestions, and then two others, and then another younger woman who also has thyroid issues.  My MD is an internist and graduated at the top of her class from medical school.  My whole family loves her and has faith in her.  But when I asked her to increase the thyroid med she said no that my tests showed it to be normal.
Then last week we had our annual eye exams and this doctor had a talk with me.  She said that she agreed that our MD is very good but there are always some "disconnects with some patients", and it is not the fault of either one.  She said I should go to an Endocrinologist and she called later to give me two names. 
She said when she was in Med school they were told that thyroid tests can give false information and say it was okay when it wasn’t.  I also read this was true.  Also I read that if one of the glands is out of sync it effects others.  Then today on the news we were told that glands out of sync could cause cancer.
So today I got up enough courage to make an appointment with the specialist she recommended.  I still feel a bit unloyal, but it is no fun to wake up every morning feeling as tired as when I went to bed.  It is no fun to sleep 12 hours at night and then 2 or 3 more that morning or afternoon.  Nor is it fun to think of all the things I want to do while I slip further and further behind in just living.  I have been on thyroid since I was 16 years old.  She cut me from .225 to .125.
Actually I have told very few people about this.  My daughter understands.  But now that I have bit the bullet, I am hopeful that things might get better.  Now all of you know my secret.

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7 Responses to An update on life and hope

  1. Rambling says:

    Thank goodness someone, i.e. your ophthalmologist, heeded the problem and pointed you in the right direction.  That was very responsible and caring. 

  2. Beth says:

    Bertie, I have thyroid problems too.  I am seeing an endocronologist. I just had a throat ultrasound and I have a nodule on my right thyroid gland.  I am waiting to see this doctor so a biopsy can be scheduled.  It might be a good idea if you had a throat ultrasound done.  Don\’t be surprised if your new doctor orders this.

  3. JoAnn says:

    Sorry the fiber diet didn\’t work for you!  I also had a nodule on my right thyroid gland.  My symptoms weren\’t anything like yours – I was hyper, had a rapid heart beat, sweaty palms and losing weight.  The right side of my thyroid was removed and I\’ve been fine since.  That was 30 years ago!  Let us know the outcome of your doctor visit.  Hugs

  4. JaAG says:

    Hurrumphf. You can guess what I\’ll say. There is no magic bullet–you need to exercise. If you choose not to exercise, no diet or meds in the world can help. I say that with love and concern. But you have to make the decision.

  5. Bertie says:

    Son, maybe you should read about this problem.  With CFS you have to be careful, or you can spend several bad days of feeling very sick and washed out.  This started when I was working out everyday for about three hours at the Pro Club.  Exercise is always good but isn\’t a panacea for everything.  If glands are causing the problem it is better to fix the problem.  If it isn\’t, I haven\’t lost anything to find out.  Remember you are about 24 years younger.  I wish you could understand.

  6. JaAG says:

    Yeah, I know. I\’m a tough nut.

  7. Unknown says:

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