A Few Days in The Life – – –

I guess I’ve missed a few days, so I’ll just give a few thoughts that don’t necessarily fit together.
We babysat the two grandchildren again this week.  The new Lab puppy had doubled in size.  He’s such a good dog, and has to be extra strong because while they try to train him, he is having to adjust to them and their inexperiencel.  At one point they and the neighbor boy were watching a movie with the dog in the room and the door was shut.  Suddenly the dog started barking continuously.  I ran to the room and told them that that was his way of telling them he needed to go out.  Poor pup.  Grandpa took the kids and the dog for a walk and the pup ran into the water of a small lake.  (Labs love to swim)  When they got home the poor animal was soaking wet.  I asked the 11 year old to get a towel and wipe him down so he’d dry faster.  But we got distracted so it probably didn’t happen.  But I love them all.
We enjoyed meeting our new great granddaughter in person.  She is as pretty as her picture at five months old, and such a happy baby.  I unloaded a lot of baby toys and books since most of the grands and greats around here are beyond them  Addie will have a lot of fun things to do and read.  I am very proud of my grandson and his wife and enjoyed every minute with them.
We have had such crazy weather around here, a much cooler summer with a lot of broken records including the most rain ever on Aug. 20th.  Actually it was only a half inch but gave the news people something to talk about.  I’ve really enjoyed it and been glad I live here in the northwest since most of the country had such miserable heat.
Well I wish you all well and all the best.  Enjoy this long weekend.  Hugs,  from Bertie

About Bertie

Retired and luvin' it.
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2 Responses to A Few Days in The Life – – –

  1. Rambling says:

    And you, Bertie.,  You had a lovely time and I hope the  coming week will be a joy to you.  Have a good Lord\’s day tomorrow.

  2. JoAnn says:

    Am so glad ya got to see ya great granddaughter.  Lab puppies are the best and they do grow so fast.  The best thing is their temperament.  I hope you holiday weekend is the greatest.  Hugs

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