Once again, Once again.

I vowed I would never go on another diet.  I had been on them all.  After yoyo-ing for many years and adding about three pounds after the diet was finished, even with MD’s, I told my lady Doctor, no more.  I meant it.  I didn’t have a weight problem until I had to have a hysterectomy.  I did not take hormones even though recommended because my Mom and Dad’s sister got breast cancer from them.  Sure I would give almost anything to get back to my original weight.  Well now DH got interested because he is beginning to put on pounds.  I must say we have continually improved our diet.  At this point I only shop at Whole Foods or the local People’s Co-op.  Well we saw a show on PBS about the Fiber35Diet.  We both thought that would fit in with our current diet and maybe it would help.  To our amazement we found out it is very hard to get 35 grams of fiber a day.  We started adding up our fruits and other healthy food and weren’t anywhere near what we need.  Last time we went to Whole Foods I got a bunch of samples to try.  Today after DH spent most of the day checking out another similar program who wants us to get even more than 35 grams. I had to go back to the store with new knowledge and seek out more stuff.  Did you know that a lot of foods list high fiber but cheat using chicory which is cheaper but not a good fiber.  We wanted more real fruit, got a lot of high fiber bars that have 10 to 12 grams of fiber in them, and some high fiber drink mixes.  Most of the diets these days tell us not to use artificial sugar because it is very bad.  The only good sugar substitute is Stevia which I used to keep in my purse for ice tea when we are out.  Well, I’m sure this is more than any of you want to know, but today I am obsessed with yet one more try.  I heard someone  doctor on TV say no obese person will live to 100. Well I have a lot of female relatives that made it into their 90’s.  I had a skinny great aunt who got to 106.  Anyway once again I’m hoping that this new thing will help us both.  Now watch my son come back and say but you must exercise.  Yeah.

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6 Responses to Once again, Once again.

  1. Beth says:

    Good Morning Bertie,
    I say hooray to you and DH for the effort you are putting forth in trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  It\’s not easy I know.  I eat shredded wheat for breakfast every morning.  There is 24% of the daily fiber requirement per serving.  I usually eat a serving and a half.  Another benefit of shredded wheat is no salt added.  Then I try to go to workout 5 days a week.  I think a walk every day for you and DH would be just the thing.  Good luck!

  2. JoAnn says:

    Good luck on your diet!  Keep us posted on your    weight loss.  Hugs

  3. Rambling says:

    BUT… be careful Bertie…too much fiber all at once will make you very uncomfortable.  It needs to increase in increments.  Uncomfortable as in gassy and/or just plain "stopped up".

  4. JaAG says:

    And walk more too.  ;o)

  5. Patricia says:

    wandered in from Sara\’s…hope you don\’t mind…I know how difficult dieting is…your diet really has to be a lifestyle, doesn\’t it?…wish you the best of luck with your new quest…I\’ve read that it isn\’t good to be too skinny, too…don\’t think I will ever have that problem…lol…

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