We got caught today.

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which means I am slipping further and further behind even on things I want to do.  Today we didn’t set the alarm and I slept until 10:15 am.  That was 15 minutes into our summer church services, but neither of us had any special duties today so it didn’t really matter.  Jim suggested we go to the British Pantry for breakfast.  I had expected we would stay home, but the idea of not having to fix breakfast, and enjoying a really good meal won out.  We have never seen anyone we knew there.  But alas, half way through our breakfast, in walked three friends from church.  I haven’t told any of them about my heath situation so we just explained that we had overslept.  Wouldn’t you know it.  We got caught.

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4 Responses to We got caught today.

  1. Sara says:

    well, you were caught in the act but I\’m sure you had a great time though. have a super week.

  2. Beth says:

    It never fails does it?  I have had the same thing happen to me several times.  I will have to google Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and find out something about it.
    I hope tomorrow is a good day for you!

  3. JoAnn says:

    Sorry to hear about your health problems.  I\’m like Beth – will have to google that to understand it more.  Wishing you a good day and sending hugs.

  4. Patricia says:

    sorry about your illness…have heard about it…you take care…

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