Neighbor’s night out

Yesterday was the annual and national "Neighbors night out".  The purpose is so neighbors can get to know each other, and thereby keep our part of the world safer.  I have been Secretary of our Board of Directors for ten years.  Four years ago we voted to do this for our homeowners, in our block sized park.  We arranged for Armadillo Barbeque to come here and serve a meal of chicken and ribs, potato salad, Cold Slaw, Beans, cornbread.  I picked up two large decorated cakes from Cosco which were very good tasting.  The cakes were Chocoolate with Chocolate frosting and a strawberry cream filling.  We do this every year now at no expence to our owners.  I got concerned when the weather man at 4:30pm said it was 87 degrees out and thought we would reach 90.  I melt at over 78 degrees, and many of our 206 units are owned by elderly persons.  But as we set up to start up at 6 pm there came a nice gentle breeze so it was really quite comfortable.  We always invite our police and fire department and although they go to several others they love to eat here.  I always give them any leftovers to take back to the firehouse or police station.  The Police show their car and equipment and their police dog to the children, and anyone else that wants to join in.  The firemen show their ambulance and firetrucks also.  Since it was hot this time they hooked up a fire hose and turned it on in the street and a large crowd was drawn to that.  We also have a lot of people here that are from other countries so they really enjoyed seeing it all as well as eating and meeting others.  So all in all it was a very successful evening.

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4 Responses to Neighbor’s night out

  1. JaAG says:

    Too cool for school. All I did this week was update the neighborhood watch roster.  :o)

  2. JoAnn says:

    What a great outing you had.   Food sounded delicious. Have a good day.  Hugs

  3. Beth says:

    That all sounds like so much fun.  I would have loved to have been there to join you!!

  4. Patricia says:

    A wonderful idea…I\’ve never heard of it…so many people don\’t know their neighbors these days…

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