Another observation from life.

This isn’t as cheerful as my son’s blogs, but it is a piece of experience of which we older types seem to have most knowledge.  Several times in life I have been involved with a terrifying experience from which I have learned that in a real emergency most people freeze. and can’t help.  One such experience occured in Muscatine, Iowa.  School had been out for summer only a few days.  Our home backed up to the school playground.  There was one solid baseball going day and evening.  When some kids had to go home to eat, others took their place.  Everyone was happy.  It was on Saturday, I think because all the neighbors were home.  Jim Sr. and I in our summer shorts were just beginning to enjoy ice cream cones.  Suddenly kids ran in screaming that our middle son, Peter was hurt.  The cones flew as Jim and I raced out.  Peter lay there with blood coming out of his forehead like water from a hose.  I jumped down and tried to stop the bleeding.  People were standing all around in shock.  It seemed that after hitting the ball, Peter’s girlfriend (fourth or fifth grade) had hit the ball and threw the bat back over her shoulder and hit Peter.  I asked for someone to get me a towel or something to apply pressure but no one moved.  I asked my husband to go call for help as I tore off Peter’s shirt to apply pressure.  Later another mother ran in and brought me a baby towel.  Fortunately a highway patrolman lived accross the street and he followed Jim into the house.  Jim called the doctor’s office and was told he wasn’t available and to call back.  Jim either passed out or almost did as he can’t handle blood.  The highway patrolman grabbed the phone and said this was an emergency, and to tell the doctor to meet us at the hospital.  I don’t remember if he drove us or if an ambulance came, but I remember sitting in back holding my son.  He looked up at me and said, "Mommie, is my brain hurt permanently?"  I said we hoped not but not to worry, that the doctor would be there to help.  He was, and Peter did recover.  But that was my first lesson that most people can’t react in an emergency.  They want to, but seem to be frozen in place.

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2 Responses to Another observation from life.

  1. Beth says:

    I relate to this experience.  In todays world someone would have been on their cell phone dialing 911.  That kind of help wasn\’t available to us in those days.  I remember when my daughter was 3 years old and my son was a new baby.  A cousin whacked her in the head with a  bb gun and we all went wild, finally leaving my baby for someone to watch and my husband and I rushing our daughter to the hospital.
    I am so glad your son is OK.

  2. Rambling says:

    This is sadly true.  I feel too that we as mothers are able to be of more help to others than oerhaps some folks might be.  perhaps.  I do think that when the emergency is with our own child the liklihood that we will do something is good.  Good blog,  Miss Bertie.

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