Charity and non Charity

Last Sunday after church I was talking to  one of the pastor’s daughters who just graduated from college and in Sept. goes to Africa to work with orphans.  I told her that I have often made baby blankets that people seem to like.  I get a yard of flannel which is about 40" wide.  Usually I handstitch a blanket stitch around it and embroider a small animal or some such in one corner.  It makes a nice receiving blanket and later it is a nice lightweight crib blanket.  So she asked if I might make some for her to take with her to Africa.  Of course I will but there isn’t time to make many.  I think it will be fun since those little ones have so little.
After church Jim Sr. and I go to an Irish Pub for lunch.  It is never too crowded and the food is good.  At our age we can’t drink alcohol because of meds.  So having had my quota of coffee for the day I have tea, and Jim has more coffee.  Our kids tease us saying we go to church and then to a saloon.  Yeh.  This time I went back to the ladies room, and was shocked to see that some items had been torn off the walls, and were laying on the floor, now dirty and some broken.  And paper towells were all over the floor.  What on earth causes people to get their kicks from destruction and making messes for other people?  The pub had a couple of large lepricons in green suits, top hats and dancing, painted on the front windows.  They had been there since St. Patrick’s Day.  And now someone had scratched in the paint some not so nice things.  Why on earth must they make something that is attractive, so mean.  Leaving that subject, I’ll retire for the night and try to think of someting more cheerful for tomorrow night’s topic.
Thanks to the new people who are now my friends.

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4 Responses to Charity and non Charity

  1. JoAnn says:

    I used to make those little blankets for the police department when we lived in the Dallas area!  They used them when they went on calls of domestic violence and children were involved.  It\’s a warm feeling when you think of comforting a child in that way.  As far as destruction goes – they\’re real JERKS – when I see something like that I\’d like to hit\’em on the head with a baseball bat – knock some send into \’em!

  2. Beth says:

    My mom used to make lap blankets for the Veteran\’s Hospital patients.  They were so nice.  I have a couple of them as she made them for her children and grand children too.  Kudos to you for thinking of others less fortunate.
    As for the vandalism, we have it too right here in my little town in Illinois.  I woke up the other morning to look out the window and see red pain grafitti on my neighbor\’s garage.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  3. JaAG says:

    If I was the manager of the pub, I\’d paint over that stuff and clean up the mess fast. You live in the nice part of town. Imagine what it is like in the bad section!

  4. Rambling says:

    Sadly it is now an everyday fact of life to see graffiti and other acts of random vandalism.  That did not happoen much when I was coming up nor when I reared my children. 

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