Weather,Summer, and Pets

Here in the Northwest we have had very different weather this year.  Two or three months ago we had some days that the temps were in the high 80’s and 90’s.  Then in June the weather people called it Junuary because it was the coldest first two weeks of June in history.  There was even snow and in the mountains around a foot of new snow.  How crazy was that? Then the night before last a terrific storm came in and I kid you not, when I say we had solid thundred and lightening, from 5:30 pm ’til the next afternoon.  The news media said there were over 3000 strikes.  Ayesha, our little blue point Balanese just took it in stride and stayed on my lap or curled up with us in bed that night.  The other two gold and silver Maine Coons just disapeared except when they were hungry.  Well, today is a beautiful, almost perfect day for the 4th.  We spent a good part of the day with son, Jim, and his wife, Suzy, and our Granddog, and three grand cats.  They had a nice barbecue and we had one of our twice a year games of Scrabble.  Suzy won by a lot.  That is always such fun. 
Willie’s name is William of Orange and called Willie.  Tillie is Matilda and called Tillie.  She is the silver one with really long hair and green eyes.  She is such a good hunter she will see what looks like a speck moving and assume her killer stance.  But she just plays with them and then I have to go in for the kill.  She’ll let them go a little bit and then pounce, bat it around a bit, and then let it go again and pounce etc.  Willie is orange with copper colored eyes.  Just a few months ago he started dropping the tip of his long tail over on his back making a big circle with it.  He looks like a teapot with the tail as a handle.  It is said that people live longer if they have pets.  How could anyone hear a cat purr or see it curled up so happily in a home where he is loved and love back, and not feel relaxed and happy too.  Happy summer everyone.

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5 Responses to Weather,Summer, and Pets

  1. JaAG says:

    Hey, Suzy didn\’t beat us by that much.  :o)
    See ya for breakfast tomorrow.

  2. JoAnn says:

    Seems there\’s been alot of unusual weather all over the country this year! Storms do seem to scare our little fur babies.  Have a good day. 

  3. Beth says:

    Our weather in Illinois has been far removed from the normal too.  We had snow beginning in Novemeber last year  that lasted through till January, then we had thunderstorms and floods.  Is the Man above trying to tell us something?
    I am so proud to be on your friend\’s list.

  4. Rambling says:

    Ah, William of Orange..pardon the pun but a most notable name to be sure.  :-)I would love to see the Balinese.  Or did I perhaps in the album?  I have a little girl..well, an older lady whose proper name is Lady Bianca, a long haired Tortie.  I call her Miss Catt however.  She is featured many many times on my space.By the way, I wish I could be included with you, Jim and Suzy in a good game of Scrabble.  I love Scrabble.  Great to have you as Friend.  I am about to make Suzy\’s acquaintance as well.  🙂 Your son is a joy. Your grandcats are too.  I am not too acquainted with your grand dog as yet.  The Bengals are breathtaking!!

  5. Josie says:

    I love when you blog.  It is nice to know that you had a good time at Mom and Dad\’s Fourth of July barbeques.  The weather has been quite unusual.  Hope to hear more from your blog.

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