Blue and blue eyes

Blue has always been my favorite color.  Blue actually makes me feel good.  It gives me feelings of happiness.  When in Jr. High Home EcClass they held up different colors to let the class decide which looked best on you, blue was my best.  One time when we lived in Mexico I wore a new dress to a dinner party, and the plant manager complimented me and said I should wear blue all the time.  Okay, years ago I had a theory from talking to others that blue eyed people seemed to prefer blue, and they also felt a passion for blue above what most people feel for their favorite color.  So my theory is that blue eyed people generally enjoy blue as a favorite.  Now this theory doesn’t apparently work 100% because some blue eyed people including some of my own children do not love the color blue as others of us do.  But the majority of those I have discussed this with, agree that there is something there we don’t totally understand but it is out there for most blue eyed people.  Aren’t these musings fun?

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2 Responses to Blue and blue eyes

  1. Josie says:

    I love a lot of different colors.  I think it really depends on my mood.  I associate different colors with different things.  I don\’t think there are very many colors I don\’t like.  Amber\’s favorite color is pink.

  2. Rambling says:

    I am blue eyed and born red haired, and have found that I have always gravitated toward blue.  But I have tired greatly of it and I have begun to buy white or black..perhaps navy. 

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