Childhood play and Death of a President.

            I’m going to deviate a bit here because I’ve been asked what kinds of things Ellis and I played when we were young.  We each received a magazine that affected some of our games.  Mine was “Children’s Playmate Magazine” and his was “Wee Wisdom”.  We would get ideas from them.  I remember one game we liked to play was that a storm was coming and we had to race around and bring all the farm animals into the barn.  We had an old building in back that probably housed a tractor once so that was the barn.  We got all excited to get all the animals to safety before the storm hit.

            We had a huge Pepper Tree in our back yard and we loved to climb it.  I think Dad made a swing on one of the strong branches.

            We used to run and play “Hide and Seek in the tall wild oats that surrounded our house by blocks.  We often played this with all the neighborhood children.  Alone sometimes I liked to lay on my back in the oats, and watch the clouds roll by, guessing what the shapes looked like.  I have often wondered why we were warned so strongly to listen for a rattlesnake when walking the path through the wild oats to school, and freeze if we heard one.  But no one worried about our playing in the same fields.  I know they were there because every year, Dad would burn an area around the house for a fire break, and he would kill all the snakes that came out.  We were taught to stay away from the dead snakes because they could still strike out and poison a person for a while even when their head was chopped off.

            One time we were naughty but didn’t get caught.  Ellis found some cigarette buts so we went back of the old shed and tried to light them so we could smoke.  Fortunately we couldn’t get them lit, so that ended our efforts there.

            We had a small library in a room attached to the Pacific Beach Women’s Clubhouse.  We got to borrow books from there.

            At school we played on a jungle gym, monkey bars, a large metal slide, swings, sandbox.  That was fun for short recesses.  We girls played “hop scotch”, jump rope, and London Bridge is falling down”.  As groups we played kick ball, dodge ball, some baseball, “Here We Go Loopy Loo”.  All this was in elementary school which went only to sixth grade.

            At Pacific Beach Junior High we played basketball, volley ball, softball, track.  Ellis began to play tennis there, which has served him well as a lifetime hobby pursuit.

            At San Diego State College, I took a semester each of swimming, archery, ballroom dancing, volleyball, and music.

            I liked school and used to spend time at home with Ellis and Elin and Jean playing teacher and class.  We also formed a club of four which we named the Acne Club until Aunt Marguerite suggested we might want to look up the meaning of the word.  So we renamed it the Carmoda Club.  We each had an office and the secretary took minutes. 

            We all wanted a dog badly and our parents said “no”.  So Grandmother and Aunt Nellie got a Fox Terrier that they kept for us.  We all named him Skipper.  Aunt Nellie had a studio where she taught music and tutored children.  When Auntie would sing a scale, Skipper would sing right up the scale with her.  It was so funny.

            At our house I was allowed to have a cat, but outside only.  I spent a lot of time playing with my cat.  Ellis did too.

            President Franklyn Roosevelt was loved by many.  He was elected to four terms, but died in the fourth.  He had been crippled by Polio so used a wheel chair.  We used to have arguments about whether he should be re-elected the third and fourth terms.  Because of the war, those who wanted him to stay would argue, “You can’t change horses in the middle of the stream.” But he just kept winning.

            We were at a youth meeting at our church when someone came and told the minister’s wife that our president had just died.  She began to cry.  We were all dismissed to go home.


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  1. JaAG says:

    I tried smoking in high school. Liked it but quit because it cost too much.  :o)

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