New Home in the 40s

In 1941 my parents were trying to decide whether to buy a new home or four new tires for the car.  They visited a friend’s new home and liked it so much they bought one a block away.  It had hardwood floors, and was very modern for the time.  There were two bedrooms and a den which became Ellis’s room.  (He loved it because it was next to the kitchen so he could make late night raids.)  My parents paid $4800 for it. When Ellis and I sold it after Mom was deceased we received $200,000.  Today it would be much more.

           Their decision was a good one.  On December 7, 1941, Dad and I were bringing the last load from the old house to the new one.  Mom met us on the porch to tell us (it still gives me chills) that the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor, and we were now at war.  Had they chosen the tires they couldn’t have used them much because gas and rubber became rationed.  Also prices started rising very fast. They now had the home they wanted. One of the reasons buying the house was the right decision was shortly thereafter due to rationing, we were not able to use the car as much anyway.

Next week we will talk about the war years.


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