Perms, Piano Lessons, and Christmas

Every year in the autumn we got a free Christmas catalog from Montgomery Wards and Sears Roebuck which were huge mail order department stores.  We would spend hours perusing and dreaming of what we would most like to have for Christmas.  This was really fun, though we didn’t always get much of what we wanted but we forgot all about that when Christmas came.  Whatever we received was fun.  We also enjoyed buying gifts for family members. Christmas was always my favorite time of the year.

            One day Mom decided to take me on my first streetcar ride to Mission Beach to get a permanent in my hair.  I wanted Shirley Temple curls.  The perms were called machine perms in those days.  So my hair was rolled and then this huge electrical thing was lowered from the ceiling and one metal piece was placed on each curl.  It took a long time, but when they were finished I had beautiful curls.  However the next day they were gone and my hair was straight again.

            When I was seven I got to begin piano lessons.  I took for about a year.  Then I had to quit so Ellis could start.  I was told in a year I could start again and Ellis and I would go on together.  Well, when the year was up, the teacher couldn’t take me so I was behind.  I don’t think I ever took piano lessons again, but Ellis was good and went on to play the organ for many churches.  I did love to sing, but only in groups as I was shy.  But I took voice lessons for a while when I was older, and sang in the high school choir and in a mixed double quartette.  Through the years I was able to help a lot of small town church choirs.

Next I will talk about the school classrooms in the ’30s.


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