Suddenly things change forever

In every life things happen with no advanced warning that change your life forever.  For our daughter-in law, yesterday was one of those days when her mother died in Minneapolis.  Her mother was a very attractive person who raised a daughter and two sons. ( Her husband, a doctor, had died slightly over a year ago while passing through an airport toward a ski vacation with friends.)  Our daughter-in-law is also a beautiful person.  Both our family and hers is shocked and feel agrieved.)
Suzy and Jim and their two children and  families are preparing for a flight to say their goodbyes.  I feel for them.  This is a difficult time.  Their mother and grandmother was exactly my age, too young to pass away in this day and age.  Now those who knew and loved her will be rethinking their own lives, and remembering all the good times and those last phone calls will be in memory forever.

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  1. Jim says:

    Writing should be a joy, if not a job. A little bit a day goes a long way.

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