Today our son, Jim Jr. and his wife Suzy took us to the matenae of the annual Nutcracker Ballet.  It was beautiful and had marvelous scenes and settings.  Jim Jr, made several trips to look into the orchestra pit.  He is so into his music.  Next Saturday the Woodinville Community band wil play at Crossroads.  That will be fun.  He and Suzy both play in it.  He plays Sax and she plays Clarinet.  But I digress.  Last time I wrote about two books I read and the whole thing flew out to outer space.  I’ll try to do better.
This month has been very busy for us.  We enjoyed a week long visit from my brother and his wife.  Then we had two three day weekends of train shows.  One was in Vancouver, Wa. and one in Puyallup, Wa.  In between, Jim took me for three days at the beach at Seaside, Oregon.  I loved the beach best.  I fed Seagulls.  They were really characters and so funny,  It was cold and wet, but we had warm clothes and the car so we were fine.  Oregon has such beautiful beaches.  Well, that’s enough for today.  I will try to do better about writing more often.

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