Puppie fever

Today we went out for coffee with some friends who brought along their new Pug puppie.  Such a cutie.  He was 12 weeks old and was so cuddly and playful.  When he lay in my arms he went to sleep.  So precious.  I love small animals of course, being a cat lover.  Once I had a Pekingese puppie named Bupper.  It was when we lived on the lake in Minnesota.  I really loved that little fellow.  When I came home he leaped up to welcome me.  But my sons pointed out that it wasn’t fair to the dog to be alone all day while all the family was at work so I gave him to a young man who promised to care for him.  If I ever do get another puppie I hope it will be as cute as Bupper whom my heart still loves.

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Retired and luvin' it.
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One Response to Puppie fever

  1. JaAG says:

    That sounds \’ruff\’. ;o)

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