Mail hung up in outer space.

Very much to my surprise, I found several responses to my blogs, that must have been hung up in outer space.  All this time the only entry was one from my granddaughter when I first began this.  I wondered why I never had a response from anyone and then tonight there were several pieces, dating back to April.  To Linda in Phoenix, I’d love to correspond with her.  I have Phoenix conection too.  My e-mail address is:  Please put in the subject line something about Beach Bertie so I’ll know it isn’t spam the first time.  I have it set so only addresses in my mail box go into my in-box and then I look through the spam and unless I can identify the message I dump it all.  To the person who thought smileys should be selected like words for accurate meaning, I say that’s probably true but that is another language which I haven’t studied that thouroughly.  However I used it to mean I was still smiling even as I made the comments. 

About Bertie

Retired and luvin' it.
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