This afternoon Jim and I went to a Church member’s home so he could help her with her computer.  There were five baby kittens just 5 weeks old.  I played with all of them and then selected two for my wish box.  One was black with two tiny white lines on her neck and tummy.  When the sun shone on her the black looked chocolate color.  The other was plain old tiger but so loving.  So they curled up on my chest for a couple of hours.  One purred a lot and also talked a lot.  The other just snuggled.  They cleaned themselves and then cleaned my hands.  And they slept in such cute positions.  So I thought if I could have them,  I’d name the girl Rebecca and call her Becca.  And I thought of naming the boy my maiden name, Dugger, and call him Dugie, or maybe Bupper like the dog I loved long ago.  My husband doesn’t want any more but I would like to have two more and these are short haired, so there wouldn’t be a lot of hair shedding. We have to go back soon so I’ll get to see them again.

About Bertie

Retired and luvin' it.
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