It is really a blessing to be part of a family.  The love that is shared, and a chance to listen to young ones trying to work out what they see and hear as they are growing up.  The family takes care of us, and we try to help take care of them.  A very important part of life is being able to talk things over with someone you trust.  In talking out joys and difficulties we often see things for ourselves.  We just needed a sounding board.

Four year Sammie has been ill this week.  She’s had intermittant high fever and severe coughing spells.  Her Mom had gone out of state to assist her Grandmother who had had serious surgery.  Since Sammie became ill, she couldn’t go to school so we kept her.  She was so loving.  Whan she felt better she would make up her own play with toys we keep and sing to herself. When she felt worse, she crawled up on Grammie’s lap and just went to sleep.  I picked up her brother at school each afternoon.  He is only in second grade but in Computer lab, they were being taught the correct way to type as opposed to hunt and peck.  I learned that in high school.  But to hear him talk about things and ask inteligent questions made me love him all the more.  His world is so different from what ours was.  But he is smart and continually amazes me.  Love makes the world go round. 

First there was Jim and me.  Then we added five.  Those 5 added five more.  So then we were 12.  Then they added 13 to the 12.  Now the first Grandchild has added 2 more.  And we are so grateful for them all.


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