Three fourths of a century

is how long my dear husband has been on this earth as of tomorrow.  Today we went out to lunch at Jim’s favorite restaurant, Coho’s (salmon) as guests of son Jim and his wife Suzy.  It was a very nice, pleasant time.  Afterward they delivered a gift for mother’s day, father’s day and both of our birthdays.  It was a portable evaporative cooler which hopefully will help us through the hot months.  Most people don’t have central air in this climate and we are not allowed window units in our condo association. This was a really pleasant surprise.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention Coho’s brought him a small key lime pie with a candle in it which we split four ways.  And oh yes, the Mariners won their game today.


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Retired and luvin' it.
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One Response to Three fourths of a century

  1. Linda says:

    Was wondering if i could email you i see you like genealogy and i am just getting into quilting and like to talke to others about our same interests. right now i am down here in phoenix with my bf with his job, hope to hear from you.

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