Yesterday’s adventure

Our son invited us out to eat as we had his children and his wife had needed to make an unexpected trip out of state.  I said I couldn’t because I had choir practice and since it was the last one of this season everyone was going to Dairy Queen afterward.  He said I could go from las Margueritas and he’d take his Dad home.  I said okay.  Well, we got to the restaurant and found the building attached to them all blocked off by the fire dept. and several ambulances.  The entry to the restaurant was clear so we walked over and read a sign reading, "closed due to gas leak".  Well, son was caught in rush hour traffic so we walked a safe distance away and watched and hoped our choice for dinner would reopen.  They didn’t.  So finally son came.  Even if I’d skipped dinner I’d have been late for choir.  So I went with the family to Azteca and we had a fine meal.  I felt bad about missing choir, but the hugs of the children were certainly worth it.


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