Mother’s Day and mystery.

What a wonderful day was given to me.  Jim and I went to church as usual and I love singing in the choir.  Then we had brunch at my favorite Restaurant, Desert Fire, with Jim Jr’s family including Amber and Nicholas, our great grandchildren.  Next at home we had a phone call from Debby.  She had sent me a T-shirt that said "When life gives you scraps, make a quilt."  It had a mother bluebird in a tree branch above the nest lined with a multicolored quilt and three baby bluebirds.  Next we had a visit from Andy and family who showered me with gift certificates to JoAnnes and Las Margueritas, and a chocolate cake.  Then Peter called and talked for almost two hours.  I feel truly blessed.  Yet there is a mystery.  The last few years I have received a bouquet with no name of sender.  This year it was a beautiful miniature small rose covered with pink blossoms.  Again, no name.  That is a puzzle that I would like to solve. 


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One Response to Mother’s Day and mystery.

  1. JaAG says:

    Hmm… bet I know. ;o)

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