Before Jim retired, our favorite passtime was second hand book stores.  We always came away with some treasures.  But since he retired we use the library.  I put reserves on all the new books I want to read and get them sporatically.  But sometimes they double up on me and one or another will have to go back and wait for another time.  I am now reading TRACE by Patricia Cornwall.  I like the way she writes with lots of information that is new to me.  But some recent books were too ugly and painful so I passed up a few.  This one isn’t too bad so far.

Now I have two others to read.  One is the latest Sharon McCrumb, and one is another favorite  author, Elizebeth George.  I like to read at bedtime until I get drowsy and then drop right off to sleep.  When I can I alternate the heavy reads with the cozies.



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Retired and luvin' it.
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