Learning new things

I have a friend who has had Breast Cancer.  On the second operation, they infected her with Staph infection.  The combination gave her heart failure.  So I decided to make her a prayer quilt.  Well, I got it done, all except the binding.  Then I realized I had three quilts finished except for the binding.  Next I realized that I didn’t like the way I was doing the bindings so was postponing it.  This quarter at class I decided to finish those three and learn to do it right.  It sounds easy but a quilter wants the corners to be neatly done and the finish off done right, and I learned that even when you buy binding it is folded wrong, as for use and longevity it needs to be a double fold.  So I have gotten my friends all done except for the final hand closing.  And I will immediatly do the next two so hopefully I won’t forget how to do it.  Then we plan a trip up to Bellingham to visit her, go out to eat, and maybe explore the area a bit.

We are also studying with a class at church, The Renovare group activities that help us to practice our religious beliefs.  So learning is still happening even in the later years.  (But I still have newly acquired difficulty with technical appliances which I never had trouble with when I was younger.)


About Bertie

Retired and luvin' it.
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