Abundant Friday

A neighbor who lives about a block from me is a senior too and lost her husband a year or two ago. She was trying to downsize and said she had more than she could use in her lifetime.  She called to invite me to look at some fabric that she was planning to take to a flea market.  They were from the 50’s with several paislies.  There was quite a bit and they were large pieces. My son and wife were taking us out to eat at noon and our daugter-in-law who is a really great seamstress went with me to my neighbor’s.  We were looking through it trying to decide what we liked best.  She said she was going to ask $50 for the whole stack but if we wanted it she would only charge $40.  Wow.  She said it would help her.  So we took it all and divided it up after we got home.  As we left she said that was just the beginning and she’d call us when she had more.  What a haul for a quilter.  Any two or three pieces as large as they were would cost $50 from a store.  She also is a certified button collector. 


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Retired and luvin' it.
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