Thursday happening that makes me laugh.

Yesterday, I told Jim I needed space in my own room for my quilting magazines.  He said okay and looked at my shelves to see what of his overflow from his room he could move.  He asked me what is that box on top?  I said "I have no idea, it must be Yours."  So he brought it down and said,"it hasn’t even been opened.  Then he looked at the date on the mailing label.  It was 2002.  Then he started laughing.  It was my Christmas present from him that he had forgotten where he put it.  That’s one for the books.  He had me open it and it was an antique comfortalbe chair about 8 " high.  It had a place for three spools of thread on each side.  The stuffed part was a pin cushion and there was a place for scissors on the back.  Cute as can be!!  So I had a Christmas present in April.



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One Response to Thursday happening that makes me laugh.

  1. JaAG says:

    Did you find the missing Christmas present for me in 2003? ;o)

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