This is my life

This is my first effort at a web site portal into my life.  This is a chance to share ideas, books, writing, family pictures, kitty pictures, humor, quilting (both those I made and those I liked at shows.)  I have titled this site according to my love for the ocean and its beaches which were a big part of my premarital life, and continues to be a source of mystique and inspiration. 

Jim and I are both retired now and enjoying morning coffee and a leisurly breakfast. Now we have time to be together in ways we never could when we worked and raised our children.  We have time to enjoy hobbies, friends, church, pets, grandchildren, great grandchildren and each other.

I have some experience on the web. I am one of the moderators for CatsNQuilts where I spend a lot of internet time.

Feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from you and know that someone out there is listening.


About Bertie

Retired and luvin' it.
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One Response to This is my life

  1. Josie says:

    We are listening. I like your set up adn I didn\’t know you were a mod for a website. Pretty cool. It will be nice to see it updated soon. Josie

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